About Canberra Community Voices

Canberra Community Voices aims to inspire as many people in the community as possible to come together to make beautiful music in a supportive and fun environment.  We want each and every individual to enjoy and feel fulfilled by the music making process. We believe that the musical journey (learning and fellowship) is as important as the destination (performing for an audience).
The choir began as a community choir run by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation 666 radio in Canberra.  Following funding cuts to the ABC, members of the ABC 666 choir got together to form a new group, the Canberra Community Voices.

Our members range from people without any previous singing experience, to people who have been singing for decades.  The experienced singers help the less experienced singers to find their voice and gain confidence, and the development of inexperienced singers from week to week inspires the choir to grow from strength to strength.  The group’s diversity has made Canberra Community Voices a group that is vibrant, exciting and thriving.
About 100 people from diverse backgrounds come together each week to create beautiful harmonies under the direction of Kenneth Teoh.  At the fun, relaxed and often laughter-filled rehearsals, in addition to learning beautiful music, singers (ranging from people singing for the first time to experienced performers) are given tips and guidance to further develop their voices.  Canberra Community Voices is definitely a group where the journey (learning the music and vocal techniques) is as important as the destination (aka performing the music learnt in public).  It is also a group where everyone is welcome to participate as much or as little as they wish – no minimum attendance, no signing up, no fuss.  Singers come and go as they please – no commitment – but we find that, often, people return week after week!
This casual, relaxed approach to rehearsals does not mean that the quality of music is low.  On the contrary, Ken inspires and steers the group to create music of a quality well beyond what anyone would expect from this easy going approach to music making.  We believe it's that which makes this group so special.  We will have audio samples for you to listen to as we continue to build this website.
Canberra Community Voices already has several public appearances scheduled, including a flash mob.  We will post details on this website.
In the meantime, we would love to hear from you if you have any queries about Canberra Community Voices.
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